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Discography @ 44.1 KHz 16-bit (Stereo)
By Jay Baetty

The SLUGWRENCH Discography @ 44.1 KHz 16-bit (Stereo) introduces a higher level of performance for today's electronic music environment, including multimedia enhancements and improved aural and sonic capabilities. It is optimized for improved performance available for applications running on advanced operating systems such as any standard compact disc player.

On top of its built-in experimental capabilities, the SLUGWRENCH Discography @ 44.1 KHz 16-bit (Stereo) takes advantage of advanced design for Intolerance Records X0M496 technology to unleash enhanced sound, smoother audio and other multimedia and sonic enhancements.

Demo One: I got mine for $1.00 mail order from the guys at Intolerance Records. Now they have a compact disc with remastered Demo One and Demo Two on it for $8.00. Demo one has Inside, Trapped (remix) and Wrapped (remix).

Demo Two: This is the epitomy of industrial. This was speed and electronica in a death grip with one another. It has Dead Ride, Wrapped (original), Chog (demo), Pinned and the trance favorite Plan 19.

Demo Three: Really good musically, but back when all he had was tape, well... you know. They remastered and re-released it in 1998 on CD for $11.00. It has The Mood is Fear, Drat, Chog, (a cool older version of) Meek, Slugwrench Girls, Trapped, Repulsive Discoveries, Plan 00, Plan 60 and Plan 101. The CD has the Plan 101 AVI and Quicktime video on it and the tape has the soundtrack.

Prole: This was the first compact disc. It is amazing. It has Plan 6, Drat, Wrapped III (whisper mix), Plan 20, Slugwrench Love Song, Malignant, Dissolve, Gagslug, Meek, The Mood is Fear, Interlude, Pincushion, Plan 18, Dorkscrew, Plan 37, LCW, Plan 6, Chog, Plan 64 and the painful Plan 72. This album is seventy-four minutes long and is the immaculate collection to date of all the Intolerance collections.

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