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From Etats Limites #5
November 1998
By Jm

(Originally in French, roughly translated by Babelfish online translator)


The premi' LMBO measurements, gr' sillantes, let think that Slugwrench formed part of these project magnet bruitists of which the rapidity of is reproduction inversely proportional to the originality the handling put inside. A first bearing of battery opportunity comes to put a term these hate lives calculations, the samples of guitars sweep the doubts which could remain, without permetter for all that to be made a idea precise musical direction being profiled.

Follow a long beach, remote cousin of the hip-hop production of Herbie Hancock (It Rock'n'roll) and a short piece of romantic piano on which the cries of a young woman resonate dripping with the pleasures of the sadomasochistic reports/ratios (Slugwrench Love Song). It is remainders the endorsement: on a basis, Slugwrench recycles all kinds of sonic treats, magnitudes of effects, tittilates the melodies, multiplies the station-wagon improvisations to be confined of a techno experimentale of high regard. Prole is thus a production particularily ecclectic - container of varitable pearls (Gagslug, Meek) - which will definitely impassion any listener appreciant of the the unexpected. [ to be ordered on the site: Intolerance Records ]

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