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By: hEARd Magazine

A band I know little about, other than they come from the US, seemingly comprising of one person, Jason Shepherd. Having told you next to nothing about the band, the music is equally perplexing, though very interesting & experimental electronic beat-laden musings, the likes of which are not easily described, but a combination of Nine Inch Nails at their most confusing, The Jesus & Mary Chain at their noisiest & the dance sensibilities of Meat Beat Manifesto's brilliant knack of combining beats into listenable order are possibly the best way to think of Slugwrench's music.

The album's artwork only hints at the ordered chaos that makes up much of the album, hitting in multi-BPM staccato one moment, almost ambient slowness the next. With a nearly maxed out track listing, the cool stuff comes overflowing throughout, from the opener "Plan 5", through "Pincushion" & the rather stark simplicity of "Mood Is Fear".

Highlights are rather hard to pick when confronted with something as innovative as this, new sounds & sensations make their presence felt quite a lot, but "Wrapped (Whisper Mix)" & "Plan 64" are probably the best examples of what can be found on here. If you're looking for something new & virtually unheard of before, this is your band, you'll do worse than to check it out.

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