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From OkieLoad Fanzine
March 1997, Volume 2, Issue 3

Demo 2 Review

Slugwrench's demo cassette tape comes from Intolerance Records, a small, independent record label in Tulsa. Slugwrench is a project from Jason Shepherd, who programmed, composed, and performed all the music and sounds on this tape.

Side 1 starts out with an industrial-influenced mix of chaotic guitar/keyboard sounds and menacing vocals. This sound then blends into a kind of danceable techno-psychotica with a rhythmic drumbeat.

Vocals are even more distorted on this second song(?). Lots of whispering and that keyboard-created whacka whacks whacka--sorry, don't know what instrument that's called. A hypnotic, spacey feel but too up-tempo to be drug music.

Third song or segment has some pyrotechnics, like something out of a wired, science-fiction movie soundtrack. A mix between a record continually caught on a turntable and Chewbacca moaning.

Side 2 has a brief interlude with acoustic guitar and smooth Bowie kind of vocals, but it doesn't last long enough. Next song is a nice, long techno dance tune with an interesting drum pattern and some spooky flute-like music. The song builds up steam as it goes along and ends with some evil-sounding guy having a good laugh.

If you like techno, you would probably enjoy this tape. It is available for $4; plus, you can get an earlier one for $2. Both are on sale at Mohawk, Starship, and Studio 66, Or write to Intolerance Records.

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